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Clocking In Clocks

130 Employee Clocking In Machine Adds Worked Hours and Never Overstamps
Max ER 2500 Click Picture for Details
  Card Card Rack
Max ER2700 Fully Automatic Calculating Clocking In Machine
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This unique time clock will calculate each employees hours worked for you on the clock card, saving time and money!


Automatic printing operation that will not over stamp
6 Clockings per day 4 if calculating
Calculates and prints Daily Total Times in 5th column and Running Total in 6th
Up to 150 employees, 130 if calculating
Highlights Late In and Early Out
Highlights Overtime
Weekly Bi Weekly or Monthly Pay Periods
Auto Reset - Only requires plugging in to a 13 amp mains socket
5 Years memory backup
Automatic card feed to eliminate error
Automatic GMT-BST resets
1 Automatic card feed to eliminate error
1 Wall or Table mounting
1 Uses the Max 1100/2200 clock card

Max ER - 2700
Starter Kit - 445.00

Includes Clock, 10 Slot Rack,
and Starter Pack of Cards


Cards 15.00

£15.00 per 100


Racks From 14.99



More Cards Always in Stock - Next Day Delivery

All prices + 9.99 postage + vat

All makes and models of clocking in machines, Time Recorders and Time and Attendance systems can be supplied

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