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AccuTime FP10

JUST £275.00 plus vat - Computer use Optional - Stand alone fingerprint Terminal with Thermal Report Printer!

Standalone design and no computer required. - Will save money on payroll costs and help reduce absences and enhance saftey and security.
all while streamlining your workforce management processes and providing you with the information you need.


Ready to use after a simple employee registration process.
Supports USB drive for data download, if you require!
Thermal Printer, no more time cards and ink ribbon costs.
Choose between RFID or Fingerprint or BOTH
2,4 or 6 Clocking times per day.
Shift times and rounding rules optional.
Can Export directly to Excel if you require.
Operates on standard UK Mains Adapter
Put an end to not knowing who worked when. Or for how long. Order it today - Next working day delivery.
AccuTime FP10 System
15 Employee Capacity System -
30 Employee Capacity System -
50 Employee Capacity System -
Additional Employee Cards
3.50 x  

What You Get:
1x AccuTime FP10 Terminal
10x RFID Employee Cards or Keyfobs
1x Thermal Till Roll for Reports.
1x Wall and Desk Mount
1x UK Mains Adapter

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