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Biometric Time & Attendance Systems

TA100 Biometric HandScanner & FaceScanner


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TA100Pro Handscanner Systems

For businesses from 1 to 8000 employees.

TA100Pro Face Recognition Systems

For businesses from 1 to 500 employees.


Fingerprint Systems

For businesses from 1 to 250 employees.

Please click More info to view the range of Biometric Handscanners and Face Regognition Clocks .The Handscanner recognises the physical shape of the hand it is not affected by dirt on the hand, cuts or plasters. No Fingerprint Reader to Scratch or damage. Robust and 100% accuracy with reliability.Clocking in with the Biometric Handscanner is simple and accurate and removes the problems associated with fingerprint clocking in machines

The TA805 Face Recognition TOUCH-LESS terminal time clock is a complete time and  attendance system using face recognition technology to instantly identify employees. It provides a touch-less, hygienic alternative to Fingerprint and Hand Readers, while still eliminating "buddy punching" and the need for cards and badges. Employees simply look at the clock and within seconds they are identified and clocked in for work.

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