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AccuTime Fingerprint Plus

JUST £495.00 plus vat - An excellent price point, giving your business a rapid return on investment.

From one of Accutimes long standing suppliers of top quality Time and Attendance systems, made specifically for the UK market.
We are plased to introduce this quality product. Made in Japan, reliable hardware and powerful software, giving you the paroll information you need, saving you the laborious task of recording and calculating timesheets for payroll.

..All while streamlining your workforce management processes and providing you with the information you need.


Ready to use after a simple employee registration process.
Holiday and absence records and reports are included.
Ability to automatically deduct penalty for lateness/early leaving.
Choose between RFID or Fingerprint or BOTH
Paid or Unpaid brakes
Shift times and rounding rules optional.
Can Export directly to Excel if you require.
Operates on standard UK Mains Adapter
TCP/IP Communication, or USB Stick Transfer
Put an end to not knowing who worked when. Or for how long. Order it today - Next working day delivery.
AccuTime Fingerprint Plus
25 Employee Capacity System -
50 Employee Capacity System -
100 Employee Capacity System -
Additional Employee Cards
3.50 x  
Additional Employee Keyfobs
3.50 x  

What You Get
1x AccuTime Fingerprint Terminal
1x Software CD
1x Wall Mount
1x UK Mains Adapter

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