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Security / Employee Tracker

CENTOR Guard Tour / Employee Tracker Its Tough it’s Easy to Use Reliable and Affordable

Guard Tour system
Only 449.00

Additional Patrol Gun £249.00 x 
Additional Employee Fob £3.99 x 
Additional Checkpoints £3.99 x 
  Easy To Use   No Complicated PC Jargon
  Affordable   No License Fees or Ongoing Costs
  Manufactured in LEXAN, the very latest toughest equipment on the market.

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Assign Names to the iButtons & Affix to walls. Complete a Tour and return the Gun to USB Cradle Download information & View Reports
Eddie Jones General Tour Daily Incidents Eddie Jones Evening Cleaning Shift
Supervisor Inspection Report Incident Only Report Inspection only Report
Daily Technicians Report Technicians Jobs Done Daily Report Technicians site arrival & Departure

Prints a selection of Reports simply by touching wall mounted checkpoints, keyfobs or incident wallet buttons. You will know exactly where your employee was at what time, and what the employee was doing. (See sample reports above)

Monitoring Mobile employee site visits, Ideal for Security Personnel monitoring Factories, Offices, Hotels, Shopping Centres, Leisure park facilities, Guard Tour tracking, Guard Patrol Recording, Security Patrol Tracking, security guard tracker, Car Park Patrols, Cleaning Inspections. Track the movement of Goods from pickup to destination. Record Health and safety inspections such as fire doors inspection

Replaces old inferior watchman patrol clocks and night porter clocks

Used by University Hospital of North Staffs, Arrowe Park Teaching Hospital, Leeds City Council, Celtic Link Ferries, Numerous Security and Cleaning Companies, References available on request


Centor Gun

The CENTOR Tracker lights a green LED and sounds a buzzer when touching checkpoints to confirm to the guard successful data transfer

The Centor Security Patrol Handreader is of sturdy construction; whether it be indoors or outdoors it will withstand Rain, Mud, Grease Dust, Severe Radio interference, and 100G impacts – Manufactured in almost 50mm square LEXAN the very latest toughest material on the market

In tests it withstood being submerged in a bucket of water, dropped onto a concrete floor from a 5 metre height, and was run over by a 10 ton truck!
How many Security Guard Patrol Systems on the market can say that!

It uses standard AAA batteries last over 500,000 checkpoint readings and holds up to 5,400 reading for downloading before reaching its memory capacity

A common problem with other guard patrol management systems is that the trackers batteries are rechargeable when in the cradle. In busy environments this is not always possible and just like laptop computers, the rechargeable batterypacks deteriorate over use.

Low battery: The M6000 recorder will signal a low battery status by emitting 1 red blink with 2 (two) beeps. A brand new set of batteries will last for one year or 500,000 recordings.