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Clocking In Clocks

Fully Automatic Calculating Clocks That Add Employees Time For You
Max ER1600

QR395 - Seiko Calculating Clocking In Machine

Uses Monthly, Weekly, or Bi Weekly Cards

From 259.00


MAX ER1600 - Calculating Clocking In Machine

Uses Monthly or Weekly Cards

From 369.00


Clocks that add up for you..

For a little extra cost above a traditional clocking in machine we now have clocking in machines that add up the time worked on the card. Saving you time and money. The times in and out are clearly shown with daily totals of hours worked weekly totals too!

The other great benefit of these calculating clocks is that employees dont need to press in and out buttons, the clock just stamps the time in the correct IN or out column.They simply put the card in the clocking in machine and it totals hours worked for you. No overstamping of times because employees press wrong buttons.

These clocks are a great alternative when PCs are not available and where you want a simple method of totalling employees hours worked



AccuTime FP10

Fingerprint AND Card Reader

From 275.00

All makes and models of clocking in machines, Time Recorders and Time and Attendance systems can be supplied

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