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Fingerprint Clocking In System


JUST £329.00 plus vat saves you £1,000's every year

For many years Accutime have refused to sell Fingerprint Clocking In Systems due to their infamous unreliability, NOW we have found a system that we can trust! With software that is easy to use and produced for the UK.

The UK's most reliable "Fingerprint Clocking in System" Using Fingerprint and Pin Entry technology - At the very Best Price

Using Fingerprint Recognition and optional Pin Entry to clock in and out, this system will accurately add up employee time, enabling you to print time sheets for each employee. Highlights Late & Early Entry

Single click export to PDF or Excel, allows you to manipulate data to your company requirements.

Downloads via provided USB Memory Stick
Eliminates 'Buddy Punching'
No ongoing cost of consumables e.g. Swipe Cards/Keyfobs etc
Optional Pin Entry
Very Easy to use PC software
Prints an excellent range of Reports via PC
Can E-mail reports to HQ
Can Export directly to Excel or PDF
Operates on standard UK Mains Adapter
Put an end to not knowing who worked when. Or for how long. Order it today - Next working day delivery.
How it Works :
Employees scan their Finger to Clock IN/OUT
Supervisor inserts USB Memory Stick to download the data.
Supervisor inserts USB Memroy Stick into PC to download the information.
All Clockings can be edited/amended if required
If edited or amended it is highlighted.
Designed to Export directly to Excel or PDF document.
Any Questions? - Contact AccuTime NOW
Tel: 0151 345 3393 - e-mail
What you get:
Ceres H8 Fingerprint Terminal, 1 year guarantee
Integrated Wall Mounting System
1x Software CD
Manual and User Guide included.
1x MASTER USB Fob to download the information
f 1x Mains Adapter
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Fingerprint Clockin In System

Fingerprint H8 System

25 Employee Kit -


50 Employee Kit -


100 Employee Kit -


Reports can be over any date range:
Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Single employee / All employees
Data is retained in the PC forever, to print archive reports

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