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Watchman Patrol Clock

The “Die Hard” Product, now with the world famous Seiko clock movement all set in a rugged, shockproof, weatherproof casing and manufactured in the world’s toughest plastic.

At the very Best Price.

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Buy Extra Lockable Key-Box inc Key & Chain
£6.95 Each



Patrol Clock with Seiko movement
Supervisor Keys & 72 hour Recording Discs

With this device you can be 100% confident that THE JOB WAS DONE by the right person at the right time on the right date, Recording Discs can be neatly filed away for past\future reference

Just £249.00 will save 1,000’s every year

How it works
Create a sketch of up to a maximum of 30 sites to be monitored 15 numeric & 15 alphas. Number\Alpha each site & add the approximate time the guard should visit. Keep this sketch as a reference   

Securely wall mount the corresponding keys or Lockable Key Box Stations at each of the chosen sites

The Supervisor\HQ then issue the Tamper proof locked Patrol Clock to the Watchman\Guard after inserting the 3 day (72 hour) Recording Disc.

Put an end to not knowing When, Where, What, & Who. Order it today - Start using it tomorrow.

What it does
The Watchman arrives at each Site\Key at the time his contract stipulates, and inserts the Numbered Wall mounted Key into the Patrol Clock and twists it to the left. For ease of use the keyhole is positioned on the outer edge of the clock opposite the two shoulder strap anchor points

When the Watchman\Guard inserts a Key the Recording Disc records the time & the number of the Key Station 

Each time the Guard\Watchman turns a Key in the Patrol Clock it records the Key number next to the pre-printed time on the Recording Disc, clearly showing the Station number & the Time visited

Robust Patrol clock with Seiko movement
Weight: 620g (1-1\4 lbs)
Diameter: 14cm (6 inches)
Thickness: 5.3cm (2-1\2 inches)
Clock movement is powered by a single AA Battery lasting approx 1yr
Length of Shoulder\Neck strap - one metre

Maximum Key numbers to each Patrol clock is 30

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Benefits of the Patrol Clock
  • 100% Proof the job was done
  • Tamperproof, only the Supervisor can insert and retrieve the Recoding Discs with the supervisor key
  • Recording discs also record each time the Patrol clock is unlocked\opened
    Manufactured in the worlds toughest plastic LEXAN
  • Conclusive proof “The job was done” and that the correct fees or wages have been paid
  • Robust reinforced lexan plastic casing with shoulder carry strap
  • Keys are unique to each site
  • Only the supervisor can change the Patrol clock time with the supervisor key
  • Battery powered eliminating the problems of the old mechanical clockwork models
  • Specially designed Recording Discs eliminate repeated purchasing of old fashioned paper rolls & ink ribbons
    Neat Recording Discs to file away for past\future reference

What you get
Standard kit
1 x Robust patrol clock with shoulder strap
1 x Supervisor patrol clock key
6 x Keys on chains in Lockable Boxes
1 x Box of 122 three day recording discs (last 1 year)
1 x Manual

Optional Extras
Station Keys (Just Chain & Key) - £3.95 Each
Lockable Key-Box inc Key & Chain - £6.95 Each
Box of 122 - 3 day recording discs (lasts 1 year)  £24.99

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Station Key

Station unlocked - Station locked
Small key on fob to lock\unlock them
Box Stations can be used outdoors\indoors

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