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Software PC Clock

AccuTime PC Clock System, No Hardware, No Cabling, No Fuss.

  Easy To Use
  No Hardware or Cabling Required
  Minimal Setup Time
  Holiday and Absence Management Included
  Clock IN and OUT from anywhere on your existing network.

What It Does

Our PC clock allows employees to punch in and out directly from their Windows based PC eliminating the need for a stand alone time clock. 

Employees simply enter their PIN and select whether they're punching in or out.  This provides an easy and quick method to record and track employee time.  The punch is recorded directly to the database allowing managers and supervisors to see employee time cards on the time management software.  The TA100 Lite is an excellent time keeping software for any company that has no more than 25 employees.  The TA100 Lite database engine calculates employee time cards, allows for easy time card editing, provides informative hours and attendance reports.

With minimal setup time and no hardware to install, the TA100 Lite with PC Clock provides a secure investment for small companies looking for a modern time keeping solution.

Typical Uses

PC Clock records employee time, holidays, and includes absence management. It is used in industries such as retail, health care services, banking, manufacturing, retail, hospitality and many others.

PC Clock is a user friendly PC based data collection point for employee information that can run on a variety of existing computer networks to complement the management information systems you already have in place. By automating your data collection process, you can eliminate the manpower and mistakes associated with conventional time cards – improving the bottom line.

Employees simply enter information through the computer keyboard. Employee feedback is provided through audible accept/reject tones and displayed messages. Optional upgrade to automatically update job costing and department entries. When an employee keys a number, the number entered is compared to the numbers in the database as being valid. PC Clock will notify you if a bad entry is made and display the name associated with a valid entry.

What kind of data would you like to collect? Accurate tracking and reporting of employee time is essential to determining productivity. PC Clock provides an easy, cost effective means of gathering this type of data. If the data you’re after can be entered through a keypad, PC Clock can time stamp it, record it, and feed it to your computer. Put the power of automated data collection to use in your business!


Windows 2000/XP/Vista/8/10
Pentium 4 or better
512 MB of RAM or better
300 MB of Available Hard Disk Space or more
10/100 NIC (If Network Access is Required)
Compatible with Windows XPCompatible with Windows VistaCompatible with Windows 7
Accutime PC Clock

AccuTime PC Clock
Only 259.00

There are many reports included with the system, please click the thumbnails below to view the reports.
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