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TA100 Proximity Pro

The Ultimate Time and Attendance Hardware and Software System. in Proximity Card or Keyfob format for medium to large businesses. Choice of Data Collection Terminals or Biometric Hand Scanners with TA100 PRO Software.

A Top Quality Cost Effective Proximity Solution to Suit Your Company Specific Time and Attendance Requirement at an affordable price

Single or Multiple Terminals, connect by Cable, LAN, Modem, GPRS or VPN, locally or from remote sites. Pin Entry with Proximity Reader.


Proximity Terminal, featuring Keyfobs or Proximity Cards
Multi user Time and Attendance software.
Records and reports on Holidays, Absences, Hours Worked, Overtime, Gross wage, Lateness, Early Leaving and much more
Can Export Data to Excel, PDF, RTF, ASCII
Easy Employee Rostering and Scheduling
Valuable HR and Payroll Reporting
Easy to use reliable PC software and hardware

What it does

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Prints the best range of reports available
Prints Daily \ Weekly \ Monthly \ Date Range reports
Clockings and reports can be edited at the PC
Creates and Prints Employee Schedule and Roster
Prints off a variety of reports including Normal Hours, Overtime, Lunch, Business Absence, Holidays Departmental Analysis Lateness, Early Out.

What you get

Ta715 Proximity Data Collection Terminal
1 year guarantee
TCP/IP LAN / VPN connection or direct to PC
TA100PRO Time and Attendance Software
Wall mounting plate
30ft Direct Cable or 1m LAN cable

Comprehensive user guide

Proximity Cards/Keyfobs sold separately.
30 days telephone support ensures your system works for you

Please read the features of AccuTime Proximity time and Attendance System before considering purchasing any other manufacturers Time and Attendance products which may result in disappointment in comparison to an AccuTime Proximity Time and Attendance System
Time And Attendance

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TA715 Pro System Prox

50 Employee LAN Connection



Upgrade to 100 Employee Version +£266.00

Upgrade to 250 Employee Version +£736.00

Proximity Card 3.50 x  

Proximity Fob 3.50 x  

For Above 50 Employee Capacity Click Here
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