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Automatic Bell Ringer / Timer


The Automatic Bell Ringer is a 7 day time switch with pulsed output for applications where a signal is required to ring a bell or sounder unit for notification of breaks or shift changes.


This unit has the ability to program the duration of the signal, time of activtion and day of week.


This is an ideal Automatic Bell Ringer for Schools and Factories.


Set the timer to trigger a Lunch Bell, Break Bell, Work Day Start Bell, Work Day End Bell, etc


We have a choice of Bell or Sounder to suit your needs.




• 200 event memory.
• Multi pulse or single pulse output between 1 and 15 seconds.
• Key protection: secures the unit so programs can only be entered or cancelled by the key holder.
• Easy to use keypad for programming the unit.
• Battery back up.




• Dimensions: H112 mm x W226 mm x D50 mm
• Power: 220/240v
• Switch action: S.P.S.T
• Operating Temperature: -0 oC to 45 oC


Grey Weather Proof Electronic Bell


A unique patented alarm bell designed for use in fire, security and other signaling systems. The combination of a miniature solenoid with an integrated control circuit allows excellent sound coverage, minimum current consumption and increased reliability. The improved aesthetics make the bell suitable for all applications including the most prestigious locations.




Weather Proof Sounder


With the TimeSaver base, connections are made to the base during the initial wiring phase which results in faster and more reliable installation. The sounder head "twists and clicks” onto the base on commissioning, avoiding the wiring and connection problems associated with traditional sounders.

With the choice of 32 tones including all the major international standards, this sounder has universal acceptance.



Automatic Bell Ringer

Grey Weather Proof Electronic Bell +£74.99

Weather Proof Sounder +£72.99