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Smart Card System

JUST £329.00 plus vat saves you £1,000's every year

The UK's most versatile "Clocking in System" Using Smart-Card technology - At the very Best Price


No Installation
No cables or wires to connect
No moving parts to breakdown
Downloads to PC via Master-Card
Easy to use PC software
Prints an excellent range of Reports via PC
Can E-mail reports to HQ
Can Export directly to Excel
Battery Life 2yr+ (Replacements £9.99)
Portable Mobile Clocking in Machine no power required
Put an end to not knowing who worked when. Or for how long. Order it today - Next working day delivery.
What it does:
Employees insert their Smart-Card on Arrival & Departure
Supervisor inserts the Master -Card to transfer clockings to the PC
Prints Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Date Range reports
Historic Data is retained on the PC forever
Clockings & Reports can be edited
Prints off a variety of reports including:
Overtime, Lateness, Lunch break, Off site \ Business Leave
Designed to Export directly to Excel
Software has 3 levels of password protection
Any Questions? - Contact AccuTime NOW
Tel: 0151 345 3393 - e-mail
What you get:
Hi Tech Smart-Card Terminal, 1 year guarantee
Wall mounting bracket
PC Master-Card USB Smart Card Reader
Supervisor Master-Card to download the Terminal
Manual, User Guide
CD software
1 Master Card
5 Employee cards
Reports can be over any date range:
Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Single employee / All employees
Reports on Lateness, Lunch breaks, Business/Off site leave
Data is retained in the PC forever, to print archive reports
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Smart Card

Smart Card

Smart Card System



Smart Cards £3.99 Each

Daily Activity Report Timecard Summary Report
Daily Activity Report Timecard Summary Report
CLICK a report above to view in detail.(Pop-up blockers must be disabled)

Quick reference guide User Manual Emp Guide

CLICK a manual below to view in detail.(Pop-up blockers must be disabled)

Extra employee smartcards 3.99 each.
(32 employee limit)
Cards are re-issued to new employees when employees leave
Employees should be charged if cards are lost

All prices + 9.99 postage + vat

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