Clocking in Clocks

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Seiko QR375 Time Recorder Click to download brochure


  • Simply plug inthe QR 375 and start clocking straight from the box.
  • Single colour printing
  • Calculates hours worked between employee clockings, giving daily & weekly totals.
  • Will calculate for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly pay periods.
  • Anti-tamper, lockable case.
  • 62 clockings per employee per pay period / time card.
  • Clocking In / Out times may be rounded to the nearest 1, 5, 10, or 15 minutes.
  • Automatic IN / OUT printing and spacing to stop over clocking.
  • Automatic hour adjustment for Summer and Winter time change.
  • Month-end and leap year adjustment.
  • Time, date and memory auto-reset after power failure.
  • Optional full use battery backup, for clocking when the power is off.
  • Selectable print formats:- Date and time, Day and time, 12hr or 24hr.
  • 50 employee capacity.

All makes and models of clocking in machines, Time Recorders and Time and Attendance systems can be supplied.