Clocking In Clocks

50 Employee Clocking in Machine Adds hours Worked and Never Overstamps

Max ER - 1600 Starter Kit £369.00

Includes Clock, 10 Slot Rack, and Starter Pack of Cards

Cards £15

£15.00 per 100

Racks from £14.99


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Max ER1600 Fully Automatic Calculating Time Recorder.

Tip: Using "In" and "Out" racks either side of the clock is an excellent way of doing a fire roll call in an emergency, by unhooking the "In" rack from the wall.


  • Automatic printing operation that will not over stamp
  • Four Clockings per day
  • Calculates and prints Daily Total Times in 5th column
  • Up to 50 employees
  • Auto Reset - Only requires plugging in to a 13 amp mains socket
  • Battery back-up for memory in case of power failure
  • Automatic card feed to eliminate error
  • Automatic GMT-BST resets
  • Automatic card feed to eliminate error
  • Wall or Table mounting
  • Uses the Max 1100/2200 clock card

All makes and models of clocking in machines, Time Recorders and Time and Attendance systems can be supplied.

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