Face Recognition

Face Recognition Clocking System with RFID

Covid Secure Facial Recognition Touchless Clocking in System

A Reliable, Hygienic Time & Attendance system at an affordable price. Saving you time and money every payday. NO MONTHLY FEE

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This state of the art facial recognition system makes it simple to accurately monitor staff attendance and help make gathering timesheet information a breeze. The sample Timesheets and Fire Roll Call Report below show the type of information you will have at your fingertips. Reports can be made to suit your Company requirements.

All our facial recognition clocking in systems come with all the software ready to be setup when you receive them. Simply give our helpline a call when you receive your clocking in machine and our team will walk you through the installation process. No technical knowledge is needed, and our experienced helpdesk staff will have your system up and running in around 30 minutes.

Ditch your old paper based systems and physical clocking in cards and invest in the future with one of our facial recognition clocking in systems. Not only will it make it easier to run payroll, but our facial recognition system is suitable for use in Covid Secure settings, helping you reduce employee touchpoints. This simple system is easy to use and provides audible and visual confirmation of clocking in and out.

In addition to facial recognition our clocking in machine also supports RFID cards and proximity fobs for simple clocking in and out. With support for up to 50 employees our facial recognition clocking in system is the perfect choice for small and medium businesses including shops, factories, warehouses, restaurants, retail premises and others.

Combined with our easy to use reliable Time & Attendance Software this is a state of the art system at an affordable price.

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