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Fingerprint Clocking in System

JUST £199.00 plus vat saves you £1,000's every year
For many years Accutime have refused to sell Fingerprint Clocking In Systems due to their infamous unreliability, NOW we have found a system that we can trust! With software that is easy to use and produced for the UK. Dowload to USB Flash Drive & Print your Accurate Totalled Employee Time Sheets, no data cabling required. Supplied with 9V Power adapter, no mains cabling needed. Plug it in and and its ready to use

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  • Click below to view Sample Timesheets
  • Click to Download Sample Reports Click to Download Sample Reports Click to Download Sample Reports
  • The UK’s most reliable Fingerprint Clocking in System Using Fingerprint and Pin Entry technology – At the very Best Price
    Using Fingerprint Recognition and optional Pin Entry to clock in and out, this system will accurately add up employee time, enabling you to print time sheets for each employee Highlights Late & Early Entry
    Single click export to PDF or Excel, allows you to manipulate data to your company requirementsReports can be over any date range:Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Single employee / All employees Data is retained on the PC, enabling quick viewing or printing of past attendance reports


  • Employees scan their Finger to Clock IN/OUT
    Supervisor inserts USB Memory Stick to download the data
    Supervisor inserts USB Memroy Stick into PC to download the information
    All Clockings can be edited/amended if required
    If edited or amended it is highlighted
    Designed to Export directly to Excel or PDF document
  • Downloads via provided USB Memory Stick
    Eliminates Buddy Punching
    No ongoing cost of consumables e.g. Swipe Cards/Keyfobs etc
    Optional Pin Entry
    Very Easy to use PC softwarePrints an excellent range of Reports via PC
    Can E-mail reports to HQ
    Can Export directly to Excel or PDF
    Operates on standard UK Mains Adapter
  • Put an end to not knowing who worked when. Or for how long. Order it today – Next working day delivery
  • Ceres H8 Fingerprint Terminal, 1 year guarantee
    Integrated Wall Mounting System
    1x Software CD
    Manual and User Guide included
    1x MASTER USB Fob to download the information to your PC
    1x Mains Adapter
  • Next Working Day Delivery
  • Click thumbnails below to view sample Time Sheet Reports
  • Click to Download Sample Reports Click to Download Sample Reports Click to Download Sample Reports
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Fingerprint Clocking in

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About Accutime

Established in 1996 AccuTime Ltd Provide a Rapid Worldwide Mail Order Service for Clocking in Machines and Time and Attendance Systems. Most Products will be despatched Same Day when ordered before 1 pm. Most Credit/Debit cards Accepted, Payment by Bank Transfer and PayPal Available from our Shopping Cart. Click on menu for product details or call 0151 345 3393

From Low Cost Clocking in Machines and Smart card Systems to Biometric Handscanners with Powerful Time and Attendance System Software. When you need to record your employees Time AccuTime has the system to meet your needs. We have a range of portable mobile clocking in machines as well as proximity card, Smart Card, swipe card and bar code clocking in systems. We can also supply Card Racks swipe cards, badges, time cards, clock cards and job cards for all makes of clocking in machines, time and attendance systems and time recorder clocks.

From Simple Clocking In Machines through to Face Recognition Networked Linked Time and Attendance Systems and Time Recorders, No matter the size of your business you can buy with confidence from AccuTime. Please do not hesitate to contact AccuTime for advice on the right system for your business.

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