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Automate your Time Sheet Calculations and Payroll Procedure

This combination of Schlage Hardware and Time America Software is unbeatable. Completely Eliminates Payroll Errors and Trust Issues, Reads ALL hands without fail



Designed and Manufactured for the UK Market.

Includes Sage and other Payroll Software Links

Making Pay Day rush a thing of the past. The FREE payroll link will link to most Payroll Packages

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    The HandReader terminal does not collect and store an image of the hand, but instead it converts the image to a 9-byte numerical template which is a mathematical representation of size and shape of the hand. Once this numerical template is developed it is stored in a memory location which is defined by the person


  • 1x Hi-Tech Biometric Hand Scanner with Antimicrobial Platen
  • 1x Powerful yet affordable TA100Pro Time and Attendance Software
  • 1x 1 year hardware guarantee
  • 1x 12 volt power adapter
  • 1x Easy fit wall mounting plate and key
  • 30 days telephone support and remote training available, we assist you to set the system to your working rules


Please select the below images for Timesheet reports etc. Huge Range of Attendance Reports to suit Your Business

Fire Roll Call Report Who's In

Fire Roll Call Report

hand recognition time clock Customer Installation

hand recognition time clock Customer Installation


Hand Recognition Time Clock

Schalge and Ingersoll Rand Hand Recognition Time Clock

  • This software has an employee capacity of 50 to 800 employees.
  • Adopting a complete hardware and software time and attendance solutions package from AccuTime ensures accurate data collection. With easy-to-use administration that can pay for itself over a short period.

Hand Recognition Time Clock Return On Investment Example:

  • For example, automating your time and labour management with our solution, a company with 100 employees can expect to save an average of £18000.oo
  • Above all, Buy with confidence. We have been providing Time and Attendance solutions to UK businesses for over 25 years

Implementation & Support Services:

  • AccuTime provide one on one training and support for all of its software packages. Payroll processing is an important role in any company and transitioning to an automated solution from a paper based system can be daunting. We take the necessary steps by offering our clients 30 days free setup and techincal support in order to ensure a smooth transition to your hand recognition time clock.

Most of our Customers want an easy and quick way of producing Accurate, Totalled Time Sheets for Payroll.

  • That is exactly what this complete Hand Recognition Time Clock kit does, and Much More. Your employees Clock In and Out. Your Payroll manager prints out the Time Sheets
  • In addition many Customers want Records for Holiday Pay, Statutory Sick Pay, Absences, Lateness and Fire / Emergency Drill Report
  • Number of Holidays/Absences taken by each employee are available at a glance. Automatic deduction for Lateness or Early Exit in accordance with your Company rules
  • TA100Pro is paired with our Hand Recognition Time Clock. The software is an advanced desktop or Server based Time and Attendance System.
    Adopting a complete hardware and software time and attendance solutions package from AccuTime ensures accurate data collection. With easy-to-use administration that can pay for itself easily over time.


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