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Low Cost Guard Tour System Recorder using QR Code technology. Runs on Android Low Cost Smartphones and Apple iPhones. Reports are transmitted to HQ in REAL TIME

Perfect for Security Guard Patrol Monitoring, Hotel Night Porter Patrol, Lone Workers, Cleaning Contractors and many other uses. When you need to know who visited where and at what time, then this system is for you. Provides Proof of the Time & Location of your Staff

Price is per month for each phone running the App

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Very simple and easy to use, no setup required, no data entry


We have a friendly, easy to use interface, optimised for productivity and results!


The GPS coordinates of each location are captured when guards are on patrol, showing a map with their location!


All your data is stored in the cloud, there is no requirement for a database or complex IT setup, we do it all for you!


Guards simply Scan a QR code at each checkpoint location using their mobile device!


We have the most cost effective system in the UK, and offer some great packages, please check our pricing



Checkpoints Report

Guard LocationGuard Timecard

Security Guard Patrol System UK


Guard Traceripad clocking in App


Low Cost Guard Tour System App

Checkpoints ReportcheckpointreportGuard LocationGuard Timecard

For our Traditional Guard Tour Sytem click this Link

Physical QR Code checkpoints are NOT included in the monthly subscription. Please  Purchase seperately below


Low Cost Guard Tour App, Guard Patrol System

Low Cost Guard Tour App Guard Patrol System. Using QR Code technology.
Perfect Security Guard Tour System for Patrol Monitoring. As well as Hotel Night Porter guard patrol system Patrol, Lone Workers. Time and Location of Cleaning Contractors employees. Many other uses. When you need to know who visited where at what time, then this guard patrol system system is for you

  1. Easy to use smartphone application for use on android and Apple Smartphones
  2. Provides Proof of the Time & Location of your Staff
  3. No limits to amount of mobile devices or QR checkpoints
  4. Annual Subscription Required. The prices are all-inclusive! No extra fees! Free support!
  5. Simply click the Google Maps icon to see the locations of your staff.

Once we create your account, you simply log in and start using the system.
We send you some of our Encrypted QR Codes via E-mail and you guards can start recording their actions immediately.

Moreover, our Guard Patrol System has been built from the ground up with simplicity and ease of use being its primary feature.

Furthermore the app Runs on Android and Apple Smartphones. Allows reading and recording of strategically positioned QR checkpoints, to verify security tour compliance.


Print Your Own QR Codes

Security Guard Patrol System UK

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3 reviews for Low Cost Guard Tour App

  1. Kerry

    I live abroad and my guards patrol in the UK, I get emails of where they have been. Very easy to set up

  2. Sue Weir

    Very easy to deal with and a fantastic service


  3. Theresa Woods

    I recently downloaded the Guard Tracer App for a number of my sites. It’s so easy to use and draw down the reports when needed.

    The tracking via maps is a great feature.

    Brendan and Adam have been perfect from the start. Always available and quick to respond to queries.

    I will definately be setting up new sites with them. Highly recommended.


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