COVID Secure Proximity Fob Clocking in Machine

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Covid Secure Touchless Clocking in Machine

Proximity Fob Clocking in Machine. Now with easy WiFi Connection

Includes Proximity Fobs

Includes Holiday, Latesness and Fire Roll Call Report

Automate your Payroll Procedure Saving you time and money every payday NO MONTHLY FEE

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Covid Secure Proximity Clocking in Machine

*Please note Terminal design may vary

Most of our Customers want an easy and quick way of producing Accurate, Totalled Time Sheets for Payroll.

That is exactly what this complete kit does, and Much More. Your employees Clock In and Out. Your Payroll manager prints out the Time Sheets

In addition many Customers want Records for Holiday Pay,  Lateness and Fire / Emergency Drill Report

Holidays taken by each employee are available at a glance. Automatic deductions for Lateness or Early Exit

The sample Timesheets and Fire Roll Call Report below show the type of information you will have at your fingertips.

We make it easy for you to replace your paper based system. When you receive your system you call our helpline, we do the rest. No technical knowledge is required. Our Experienced Helpdesk Staff will have your system up and running in 30 Minutes

Please see the images below for Timesheet reports etc

Status Board

Status Board / Who’s In Report


Time Card

Timesheet Report


Holiday Report


Upgrade to Proximity Pro

1x Proximity Data Collection Terminal with 12 month warranty. Covid Secure Touchless

Incudes Employee Proximity Fobs

TCP/IP LAN cable or Easy Wifi Connection Capabilty

1x Download Link to Powerful yet affordable TALite Time and Attendance Software

1x Easy fit wall mounting plate

1x 9v Power Supply

30 days telephone support and remote training available, we assist you to set the system to your working rules

Lite Proximity Kit




Please see images below for Timesheet reports etc.

Status Board


Status Board / Who’s In Report


Time Card

Timesheet Report


Holiday Report


Quick and Easy Clocking in Procedure

Proximity Clocking Machine

Lite Proximity Kit

RFID Radio Frequency Identification Proximity Fob


Fob Clocking In Machine with TALite Software: A Covid Secure Time and Attendance Solution

Our Fob Clocking In Machine, equipped with TALite Software, ensures a Covid Secure system where employees make no direct contact with the clocking terminal. Clocking in and out is a breeze as employees simply show their fob to the terminal, eliminating the need for alcohol handwash and addressing hygiene concerns effectively.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Time and Attendance System: We provide a sophisticated desktop-based single-user Time and Attendance System. Compatible with various clocking in machines and time and attendance terminals. The system accommodates up to 50 employees. Offering easy-to-use administration for an excellent return on your investment.
  • Wifi-enabled for Easy Installation: Our Fob Clocking In Machine now comes with Wifi, ensuring easy installation and seamless integration into your existing setup.
  • Comprehensive Support: Enjoy 30 days of Helpdesk Support included with your purchase. Call Accutime for remote installation and training to maximize the potential of your Fob Clocking In Machine.
  • Efficient Payroll Management: The Fob Clocking In Machine simplifies payroll management. Providing an easy and quick way to produce accurate, totaled time sheets. Employees clock in and out effortlessly. Allowing your Payroll Manager to print out precise Time Sheets.
  • Holistic Record-Keeping: Addressing diverse needs, our system generates records for Holiday Pay, Lateness, and Fire/Emergency Drill Reports. Ensuring comprehensive data for efficient business operations.

Return On Investment Example:

Automating time and labor management with our solution can lead to substantial savings. For instance, a company with 100 employees can expect to save an average of £18,000.

Buy with Confidence:

With over 25 years of experience, Accutime has been a trusted provider of Time and Attendance solutions to UK businesses. Explore our offerings on Business Magnet.

For Capacities Beyond 50 Employees: Discover our Proximity Pro product for Fob Clocking In Machines. With ultimate features designed for businesses with above 50 employees.


Proximity Card Fingerprint or Face Recognition – Pro



4 reviews for COVID Secure Proximity Fob Clocking in Machine

  1. Bev

    Thank you so much the time saved is wonderful

  2. Janice Rowlands

    I bought this because it was a no touch clocking machine and Covid secure

    It works well and does what it says on Accutime website

    Thank you for your great setup help


  3. Anthony

    I was looking for a Clocking Machine that didnt require an annual subsription. I found this and I am happy with my purchase. Recommended.

  4. Fiona Brotherton

    I am a new customer to Accutime, and the help and support I have had is second to none, even silly mistakes on my part having been dealt with quickly and professionaly.

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