CALC001 – Seiko QR395 Clocking Machine Kit


100 Employee Seiko QR395 Calculating Clock Adds up Hours Worked

No buttons to press, barcoded card memory means employees do not need to select In or Out

Barcoded card ensures this machine Never Overstamps

Unlimited employee capacity if Adding up hours is not required

Unlimited number of IN and OUT clockings, ideal for workpatterns with breaks and lunches

Simply plug in the QR 395 and start clocking straight out of the box


  • Seiko QR395 Brochure
    Seiko QR395 Brochure
  • Single colour printing
    The Seiko QR 395 Calculates hours worked between employee clockings, giving daily & weekly, monthly totals.
    Will calculate for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly pay periods.
    Anti-tamper, with QR 395 lockable case
    Multiple Breaks Unlimited number of clocking transactions when not calculating Total Hours
    Clocking In / Out times may be rounded to the nearest 1, 5, 10, or 15 minutes
    Automatic IN / OUT printing and spacing to stop over clocking.
    Automatic hour adjustment for Summer and Winter time change.
    Month-end and leap year adjustment.
    Time, date and memory auto-reset after power failure.
    Optional full use battery backup, for clocking when the power is off.
    Selectable print formats:- Date and time, Day and time, 12hr or 24hr
    The Seiko QR 395 Calculates upto 100 employee capacity, unlimited if hours calculatiion not required

CARDS003 – Seiko Calculating Cards (100)


1x Seiko QR395 Calculating Clocking Machine with 12 Month Warranty, 10 slot Card Rack, Pack of Calculating Clock Cards and User Manual

  • The correct Time and Date will be set prior to depatch
  • Seiko QR395 Brochure

    Seiko qr395 brochure




Calculating Clock Cards show a Weekly or Monthly Hours Worked Total

Optionalally when not calculating total hours, will allow for mulitiple clockings per day, ideal for multiple break time recording

Optional full use battery backup, for clocking when the power is off

CARDS003 – Seiko Calculating Cards (100)


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