Job Timing & Job Costing System with Time and Attendance


Automate your Time & Attendance & Payroll Procedure

Allocation of Worked Time to Departments and Jobs

Know your Exact cost to produce your Products or provide your Services

Cost against budget reports allow you to monitor your costs in Real Time

Gives the information you need to Increase Productivity and Reduce Costs

First Class Return on Investment

Call, Chat, or Email our Team for Current Prices or to discuss your particular requirement


This is a straighforward, easy to use poweful Attendance and Job Timing system

We have over 20 years of practical experience installing and Commisioning Time & Attendance and Job Timing Systems for UK Businesses

Installations Nationwide from small businesses to large Corporations

Accutime take advantage of modern technology: software installation, commisioning to your requirements and training can be carried out remotely reducing the intial cost of system purchase

Customers can install Hardware themselves or ask about our installation services

Optional Ongoing First Class Support available at very Reasonable cost. If you dont need support you dont pay for support, no ongoing License Fee


Comprehensive and Valuable Reporting to suit Your Business, Know how much Time Spent is spent in Each Department or Job. See who worked on which project


Dept Hours Report

Department Hours Report







Dept Hours Summary Report

Department Hours Summary Report

Employee Time Card by Department

Employee Time Card by Department

Downtime Hours

Downtime Hours

Department Weekly Hours

Department Weekly Hours



Click to Download Sample ReportsClick to Download Sample Reports Click to Download Sample Reports Click to Download Sample Reports Click to View Sample Reports

Fire Roll Call Report TA100 Pro Spec Sheet

Fire Roll Call Report    TA100PRO Software Spec Sheet





A Complete and Affordable Job Timing & Job Costing System with Time and Attendance


1 x TA715 Proximity Data Collection Terminal

1 x TA100 Pro Time & Attendance Software with Department and Job Timing

Time Card Reports, Automatic Total Hours for Payroll Report

Job Time Reports Showing Hours spent against each job or department

Employee Hours worked on each Job Report

Job & Time and Attendance Recorder



Job Timing & Job Costing System with Time and Attendance

A Complete Reliable and Affordable Job Timing & Job Costing System with Time and Attendance

  • Adopting a complete hardware and software Workforce Management System package from AccuTime ensures accurate data collection, with easy-to-use administration that can pay for itself over a short period

Return on Investment Example:

    By automating your time and labour management with our solution, a company with 100 employees can expect to save an average of £60 per week in time card processing by eliminating basic human error, and £300 per week in lost time due to rounding and unauthorised overtime. This adds up to an annual savings of £18,720.00

Implementation & Support Services:

    AccuTime provides one-on-one training and support for all of its software packages. Payroll processing is an important process in any company and transitioning to an automated solution from a paper based system can be daunting. We take the necessary steps by offering our clients 30 days free setup and techincal support in order to ensure a smooth transition.

TP2000 – TP5000 Time Date Stamp Job Timer

Mobile Workforce Time Attendance Solution

Elite Systems PC/Server/Web. Muliti User Modular Software Grows with your Business. Includes Sage Payroll Link & Fire Register

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