CALC003 – Max ER1600


Max ER1600 Fully Automatic Calculating Time Recorder.

Capacity of 150 employees, or it can be programmed to Print Total Pay Period Hours for up to 50 employees

Highlights Lateness/Overtime/Early Leaving

Robust, Accurate and Reliable Machine

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  • MAX ER-1600 Leaflet

  • – Automatic printing operation that will not over stamp
  • Can Calculate and Print Total Pay Period Hours

– Four Clockings per day
– Calculates and prints Daily Total Times in 5th column
– Up to 150 employees – 50 when calculating pay period Totals
– Auto Reset – Only requires plugging in to a 13 amp mains socket
– Battery back-up for memory in case of power failure
– Automatic card feed to eliminate error
– Automatic GMT-BST resets
– Automatic card feed to eliminate error
– Wall or Table mounting
– Uses the Max 1100/2200 clock card


  • 1 Max ER1600 Clocking in Machine


  • Max Clocking in Machine

CARDS004 – Max Time Cards (200)

Adjustable Time Card Rack (10 Slot)


Max ER1600 Fully Automatic Clocking In Machine: Streamlined Timekeeping for Enhanced Efficiency

Introducing the Max ER1600 Fully Automatic Clocking In Machine – your solution for efficient and hassle-free attendance tracking. This robust and reliable clocking in machine from Max ensures precise time recording without the need for manual inputs.

Key Features:

  • The MAX ER-1600 has a capacity of 150 employees, or it can be programmed to Print Total Pay Period Hours for up to 50 employees
  • Fully Automatic Operation: The Max ER1600 operates seamlessly, allowing staff to clock in and out without pressing any buttons. Simply insert the card, and the machine takes care of the rest.
  • Emergency Roll Call Tip: Utilize “In” and “Out” racks on either side for a quick and effective fire roll call during emergencies by unhooking the “In” rack from the wall.
  • Accurate Time Recording: The Automatic function prevents overstamping, ensuring that the machine consistently prints In and Out times in the correct columns on the clock card.
  • Clear and Long-Lasting Printing: The clock card features clear and accurate printing, and the long-lasting ink ribbon contributes to durable and reliable performance.
  • Max Reputation: Max has established a reputation for manufacturing clocking in machines that are robust, reliable, and built for long life.

Convenient Stock Availability:

We maintain a ready stock of Max Clock Cards, ensuring quick and efficient delivery for your timekeeping needs, with next working day delivery available.

Elevate your timekeeping processes with the Max ER1600 Fully Automatic Clocking In Machine. Trust in Max’s legacy of durability and reliability. Contact us today to streamline your attendance tracking with this advanced clocking in solution.


CARDS004 – Max Time Cards (200)

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