Face Rec Lite


Face Recognition with RFID

Combined with our easy to use reliable Time & Attendance Software this is a state of the art system at an affordable price

Use face recognition or use optional proximity fobs/cards to clock in and out

Saving you time and money every payday

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Most of our Customers want an easy and quick way of producing Accurate, Totalled Time Sheets for Payroll.

That is exactly what this complete kit does, and Much More. Your employees Clock In and Out. Your Payroll manager prints out the Time Sheets

In addition many Customers want Records for Holiday Pay, Statutory Sick Pay, Absences, Lateness and Fire / Emergency Drill Report

Number of Holidays/Absences taken by each employee are available at a glance. Automatic deduction for Lateness or Early Exit in accordance with your Company rules

The sample Timesheets and Fire Roll Call Report below show the type of information you will have at your fingertips. Reports can be made to suit your Company requirements

We make it easy for you to replace your paper based system. When you receive your system you call our helpline, we do the rest. No technical knowledge is required. Our Experienced Helpdesk Staff will have your system up and running in 30 Minutes

Combined with our easy to use reliable Time & Attendance Software this is a state of the art system at an affordable price

Please select the below images for Timesheet reports etc. Huge Range of Attendance Reports to suit Your Business

Fire Roll Call Report Who's In

Fire Roll Call Report

  • Premium TA100Lite Software
  • Overtime Options: 2 Levels (weekly, monthly, or both!)
  • Number of Shifts: Unlimited
  • Rounding Rules: Basic
  • Shift Over-Rides In case of Adhoc Hours

Employee Limits

  • Accommodates up to 50 Employees

User Limits

  • Single User
    Single installation


  • Face Recognition Terminal with RFID
  • Extremely Simple Operation For Employees to Clock In & Out
  • Audible and Visual Confirmation of Clocking
  • Dimensions: approx 174 × 145 × 79mm


  • TCP/IP Network / WAN / LAN / VPN/ WiFi Option


Mounting System

  • Easy fit wall mounting System

Upgrade to Face Recognition – Pro for the following features:

  • Accommodates up to 50, 100, 250, or 500 Employees within the system
    Unlimited Installation Locations with Central Database
    Multi User software
    Full Audit Trail.
    Unlimited Advanced rounding rules
    Custom Shift/Split Cutoff Times
    Automatic Shift Allocation
    Unlimited Overtime Policies
    Approval Editor for spotting Missing Clockings, and Absence Automatically.
    7 Levels of Overtime/Differential/Shift pay, calculated Weekly, Daily and between specific hours.
    Custom Export Feature to Integrate with any Payroll System.
  • 1 x Facial Recognition Terminal with 12 month warranty
  • 1 X Premium TA100Lite Software with Comprehensive Attendance Reports
  • 1x 9 volt power adapter
  • Status Board To See who is in or out at any given moment!
  • 1x Easy fit wall mounting System
  • Comprehensive user guide
  • WiFi Option
  • 30 days telephone support and remote training available, we assist you to set the system to your working rules


TA100Lite Software

TA100Lite Software

Lite what you get

Please select the below images for Timesheet reports etc. Huge Range of Attendance Reports to suit Your Business

Fire Roll Call Report Who's In

Fire Roll Call Report

TA100Lite Software

TA100Lite Software

Clocking in machineLite what you get


Face Recognition Clocking System with RFID and Touchscreen

Face Recognition Clocking System UK

For over 50 Employee Capacity System Click HERE

    TA100Lite Software is paired with our Face Recognition Clocking System, the software is an advanced desktop-based Time And Attendance System which is operated by a single user, which is used with many clocking in machines and time and attendance terminals and has an employee capacity up to 50 employees.
    Software can be paired with, Swipe card systems, Proximity card, or Proximity Fob clocks, as well as biometric handscanner terminals and Fingerprint Clocking in machines.

Keeping track of employee time and attendance is one of the central tasks of any business

  • Payroll needs to be calculated according to actual hours worked, not on scheduled hours or individual estimates of how long a particular employee spent on the job.
  • Accutime Ltd provide systems to accurately and efficiently calculate your payroll, eliminating errors and overpayments, and in doing so reduce your administration overhead and labour cost. Accutime systems provide an excellent return on investment
  • Providing First Class Back up and Support to our Customers for over 20 Years
  • Nationwide Professional Installation Service of Face Recognition Clocking System available for Elite Systems
  • First Class Rapid Support Service, Remote Software Installation and Training Service to reduce Customer cost
  • Adopting a complete hardware and software time and attendance solutions package from AccuTime ensures accurate data collection, with easy-to-use administration that can pay for itself easily over time.

Return On Investment Example Face Recognition Clocking System:

    By automating your time and labour management with our Face Recognition Clocking System, a company with 100 employees can expect to save an average of £60 per week in time card processing. Which is £60 per week by eliminating basic human error, and £300 per week in lost time due to rounding and unauthorised overtime. This adds up to an annual savings of £18720.00

Implementation & Support Services:

    AccuTime provides one-on-one training and support for all of its software packages. Payroll processing is a serious role in any company and transitioning to an automated solution from a paper based system can be daunting. We take the necessary steps by offering our clients 30 days free setup and techincal support in order to ensure a smooth transition.

Face Recognition – Pro

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