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Print Your Own QR Codes

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Print Your Own QR Codes
Print Your Own QR Code

1 x Print Your Own QR Codes

Print Your Own QR Code

Print Your Own QR Code

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Print Your Own QR Patrol Checkpoint Code: Revolutionise Guard Patrol Monitoring

Empower your security operations with our “Print Your Own QR Patrol Checkpoint Code” designed for use with the Accutime Low-Cost Guard Tour App. This modern solution transforms the way you monitor Guard Patrols, making it an ideal and budget-friendly choice for Hotel Night Porter Safety Tours and Lone Worker visits.

Key Features:

  • Custom QR Checkpoints: Easily print your own QR Patrol Checkpoints to streamline monitoring processes.
  • Real-Time Tracking: Know precisely when and where your staff are located, ensuring efficient management of guard patrols.
  • Emergency Situations: In case of emergencies, the app includes an Emergency Button for immediate response and communication.

Efficient Smartphone Integration:

Guard and staff members use the Android app on their smartphones to scan the QR Code Location points. This simple action transmits Time and Location information to the Head Office. Supervisors gain real-time insights into staff locations and the timing of each scan, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Versatile Application for Lone Workers:

The QR-Patrol monitoring system is tailored for guard tours and patrols but seamlessly extends its capabilities to Lone Working situations. Lone Workers benefit from a communication and monitoring system that ensures real-time and remote signal transmission. The system integrates both mobile and cloud technology, allowing Lone Workers to send immediate alerts via their smartphones to the Alarm Monitoring Center.

Instant Alerts for Critical Situations:

Recognizing that seconds matter in emergency scenarios, the QR-Patrol system ensures swift response times. Even in situations where a Lone Worker can’t wait to access their smartphone, launch an application, and send an alert, the system minimizes actions and time spent. This capability is crucial, as it provides a rapid response to potential threats, contributing to the safety and well-being of Lone Workers.

Enhance your security measures and streamline guard patrol monitoring with our QR Patrol Checkpoint Code. Invest in a system that prioritizes efficiency and safety. Contact us today to revolutionize your security operations.


Print Your Own QR CodePrint Your Own QR Code


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