Print Your Own QR Codes


Print Your Own QR Codes

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Print Your Own QR Codes
Print Your Own QR Code

1 x Print Your Own QR Codes

Print Your Own QR Code

Print Your Own QR Code

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Print Your Own QR Patrol Checkpoint Code

Print Your Own QR Patrol Checkpoint for use with Accutime Low Cost Guard Tour App. The modern way to monitor Guard Patrols and Guard Tours. Also a low cost way to monitor Hotel Night Porter Safety Tours. Perfect for Lone Workers visits. Print your own QR Patrol Checkpoints

Know exactly the Time and Location of your staff

Emergency Button for Emergency Situations

Guard and Staff use the Android app on thier Smartphone. Simply scan the QR Code Location point with their phone. The Time and Location information will then be transmitted to Head Office. Supervisors will see the Location of their staff and the Time when they scan each Location

QR-Patrol monitoring system is especially designed for guard tours and patrols management but can also be totally applied to a Lone Working situations. This is because Lone Workers need a communication and monitoring system which meets the requirement of real-time and remote signal transmission. QR-Patrol system incorporates both mobile and cloud technology in order to help Lone Workers send immediate alerts via their smartphone to the Alarm Monitoring Center.

What if the Lone Worker can’t wait to get the smartphone on his hand, launch an application and send an alert? He has to execute three different actions spending some seconds on each. The above seconds may be crucial for his life as it is possible to be under a direct threat.

Print Your Own QR CodePrint Your Own QR Code


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