Additional Employee Keyfob


The stainless steel button is rugged enough to withstand harsh outdoor environments and durable enough for a person to carry on their keychain.

The iButton is wear-tested for 10-year durability and can be reassigned quickly and securely. It is by far the best solution for both manufacturing and office environments.

Employee Clocking in Keyfob

Additional Employee Keyfobs to expand your System

For use with the following Accutime Products:


  • 1 x Additional Employee Keyfob

For use with the following Accutime Products:

Time and Attendance System battery operated

Security Guard Patrol System


  • Employee Clocking in Keyfob

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Employee Clocking in Keyfob for Battery Powered Clocking Machine and Guard Patrol Data Recorder. Robust and Waterproof Stainless Steel I-button with holder

Battery Clocking in Machine Heavy Duty Keyfob Kit

Low Cost Guard Tour App


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